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Entertaining The Tudors Book

Entertaining The Tudors - Classroom Pack

This combined audio CD, CD-ROM and booklet provide a great resource for teachers and pupils alike, packed with musical examples to listen, perform and dance.

The music has been chosen to represent a wide cross section of form and styles from the period, many being familiar from our workshop visit.

The richly illustrated booklet explains each piece in detail, referring to its context, use and instrumental combination.

"It looks great Our music coordinator was very impressed."
- Lisa Tyson, St Paul's School, St Leonards-on-Sea
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Entertaining The Tudors CD

Entertaining The Tudors

Music played a very important part in Tudor life. Both Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I were musicians, in fact Henry was a composer of many fine pieces including the popular Pastime With Good Company. This CD gives the taste of the wide variety of music that was provided by minstrels to entertain the Tudors.
"How much I enjoyed your album."
- Tim Healey, musicologist and broadcaster
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Music From Strangers' Hall

A variety of medieval and renaissance music played by the Minstrels Gallery full band. The idea behind this recording was to recreate music from past centuries and record it in a historically correct environment, the Merchant House Strangers' Hall in Norwich, with its Tudor Great Hall and Medieval undercroft.

"Thank you so much for the CD - it's fantastic!"
- Carole House
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When I See Winter Return

A musical journey from the onset of winter through the Christmas celebrations and into the hope of the new year to come. The Medieval and Renaissance music that accompanies this journey comes mainly from England with a sprinkling of pieces from further across Europe, focusing on Winter, Nativity, Celebration and Traditions.
"It will brighten every festive season."
- Alison Weir author of Henry VIII and Life of Elizabeth I
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And Angelus ad virginem he sang
And Angelus Ad Virginem He Sang CD
Music and song from all over Europe is presented on this CD, demonstrating the huge diversity of music heard from royal court to peasant wedding. Pieces from as early as the 13th century up to the middle of the 17th are played on a wide selection of period instruments.
"… many thanks for the lovely CD."
- Peter Murrell
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