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Something that makes Minstrels Gallery unique is the number of instruments we play, at the last count it was around forty but we are always adding to our collection. Even if you book Minstrels Gallery as a duo we still come with the full compliment of instruments. The picture here shows some of the main ones.

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Shawms Nakers Lute Racket Lute Vihuela Tabor Timbre Medieval Harp Bowed Psaltery Crotales & Bells Renaissance Flute Bass Recorder Plucked Psaltery Mandora Tabor Shawms Rauschpfeife Crumhorns Mandolin & Cittern Medieval Fiddle Medieval Fiddle Tabor Long Drum Long Drum Long Drum Lincolnshire Pipes Lincolnshire Pipes Tabor Recorders Fife Recorders
Soprano Shawm
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Instruments in the Middle Ages were broadly divided into two categories Loud and Soft, the shawm certainly comes under the Loud category, it was an outdoor instrument. Played like the modern oboe it came in different sizes and would often combine with sackbut and cornet as a set of instruments played by town musicians known as waits.
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